Finding depth and direction

on your spiritual path..

with Kate Manley

The Big Soul Work Project is on a mission to start a Spiritual Rebellion.

Spiritual Rebellion is a passionate rallying call, inviting each of us to turn towards our personal and spiritual growth as a way of freeing ourselves from internal and external constraints and more fully embodying our deeper human qualities and personal potential.

If you want to work on what is in the way or find depth and direction on your spiritual path, you may find signposts to greater freedom and relaxation here.

Upcoming Projects

Spiritual Rebellion and more coming soon!


Mini-Projects are short themed experiments that help you integrate mindfulness into daily life.
Two minutes a day for seven days. Bringing awareness to life.

Ways to get involved

MeditatorGlobal Community Events

Join the Spiritual Rebellion through local and global community heart meditations and shared intention projects. Connect more deeply with the truth of your heart, the power of presence and our shared humanity.  Let’s rise up in love!

SpiralSoul Gatherings

Chilled out get togethers with fellow travellers, that combine learning, relaxation and community in beautiful love-infused spaces.

MandalaTalks and Groups

Kate offers her talk ‘Finding our Way In, Finding our Way Out’ about her own spiritual rebellion exploring the challenges and opportunities of inner work.

Private Sessions

One-to-one time with Kate taking stock on your personal journey, what’s holding you back and what will support your growth.

Kate is a UKCP registered psychotherapist, Certified Deep Coaching Professional and a writer. She is passionate about supporting people to grow and flourish. Kate brings warmth, gentle humour, a wealth of experience and open heartedness to her work. Read more

“Kate is a brilliant coach and wonderful person. She is warm and authentic and has wonderful insight!”