Private Sessions - Big Sould Work Project

Private Sessions

Private Sessions are a chance to step away from the day-to-day and find a place for calm reflection. A time to come back to yourself, to unravel the knots and explore your possibilities and edges.

After an initial free 30 minute online consultation, choose either a Deep Reflection Day or a series of online or face-to-face Deep Coaching sessions over several months.

Kate offers wise guidance, loving challenge and emotional support on your journey. This is not counselling or therapy and is best suited to those who have some experience of self-reflective or inner work.

Contact Kate to find out more.

Deep Reflection Days

What is it? An exclusive one-to-one experience, spending a whole day with Kate plus a follow-up session online within six weeks. A total of up to eight hours bespoke coaching with an agreed focus and a way forward.

Where? We agree on a suitable place to meet. This may be in a private meeting space with the option to go out for coffee, lunch or a walk.

What happens? Prior to the day, we will discuss what you want to explore and get from the experience. Kate will design a programme tailored to you including grounding exercises, sensing practice, relevant teachings, exploration through conversation, reflective exercises and intention setting. This is a deep dive but informal and relaxed, with humour and lightness.

Deep Coaching (3 or 6 month programme)

How does this work? Kate will be your Personal and Spiritual Growth Coach for either 3 or 6 months.  We will meet fortnightly for one-to-one personal coaching sessions, with email contact or calls between sessions. We may work on a particular issue, pattern or priority or an open enquiry.

Where? Either online or face-to-face at Kate’s room in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

What happens? We agree in advance what you want to explore and get from the sessions. Each session begins with a short check in and a guided grounding. We agree a focus and explore what comes up in response to this. Kate will suggest certain practices or mini-projects you can try between sessions to deepen your safe-awareness and work on what’s in the way.

To register interest in working with Kate or details of fees, please get in touch.

The Deep Coaching Approach

Deep Coaching is a compassionate presence-based coaching style, drawing on the sacred psychology of the Enneagram.

The Enneagram is an ancient symbol that maps the terrain of the human personality. It offers insights and wisdom for the spiritual journey and compassion for the human condition. Read Kate’s blog on The Transformational Power of the Enneagram.

For more information about Deep Coaching, please see Roxanne Howe-Murphy’s books on Deep Living and Deep Coaching or the following websites: and

“When we feel safe, our soul is able to relax and be at its most open, creative and free.”

Kate Manley