Big Soul Work Project

Soul Work can be a process of finding our way in and finding our way out.  Finding our way out of suffering and into our deeper potential. The Big Soul Work Project offers a range of practical opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, supporting you to integrate new learning into everyday life. The spirit of Spiritual Rebellion brings energy and direction to our own Soul Work Project.

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Spiritual Rebellion aims to be a global movement inviting each of us to turn towards our personal and spiritual growth as a powerful personal response to political and climate crisis.

More than ever, we need to connect with our hearts, ground ourselves in the present and learn to more fully embody our personal potential and deeper human qualities.

By working on ourselves with curiosity and compassion, we raise the vibration, creating a network of loving connections around the world… for ourselves.. for the wider human community.. for the planet. It is our best hope. Let’s rise up in love!

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Ways to get involved


Global Community Events

Join us in local and global community heart meditations and shared intention projects as we go about our daily lives. Connect more deeply with the truth of your heart, the power of presence and our shared humanity.



Kate offers talks on various aspects of inner work and Spiritual Rebellion including her introductory talk ‘Rising Up in Love: Exploring Spiritual Rebellion‘.


Soul Gatherings

Chilled out get togethers with fellow travellers, that combine learning, relaxation and community in beautiful love-infused spaces.

Private Sessions

One-to-one time with Kate, taking stock of where you are on your journey, of what is in the way and developing personalised practices and projects that support your growth.

Social Media

A portal to inspiration, information and connection.

Social media campaigns aimed at raising awareness and sharing wisdom about inner work.

Information about upcoming events and links to book. Interesting articles, polls and surveys.

Bite size morsels of inspiration!

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion”.
Albert Camus

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