“If something here resonates with you, I sincerely invite you to feel it, follow it and find out what is moving in you…”

Kate Manley
Big Soul Work Project - Comfy armchair

Welcome to the warm, cosy home of the Big Soul Work Project where you and your curiosity are invited to sink into a big comfy armchair and have a nice cup of tea.

The Big Soul Work Project, encompassing Spiritual Rebellion, offers a variety of ways to get involved in inner work. From global community events to talks, retreats and private sessions, Kate invites you to explore your unique personal potential.

If you are …
an inspiration seeker
a serial workshop retreater
a journal scribbler
an aspiring meditator
or if you want to work on what is in the way
have a nameless ache or a restless soul
are simply curious and trying to find your way
or want to join the Spiritual Rebellion

… you may find signposts to greater freedom and relaxation here.

Shared Intention Weekend

Over a specific weekend, our community join in practising a shared intention, whatever we happen to be doing that weekend.

Next Intention: Being Kind to Ourselves

Flashmob Meditation

Gather in a public space local to you and do a personal heart meditation for 20 minutes. Plug yourself into the truth of what and who you love.  Feel into the universal heartbeat.

Let’s raise the vibration in our location!

Next Event: Sunday 19 April 2020 at 11am in Hitchin Market Square

Big Souls

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Kate Manley from Big Work Soul Project

Kate is a UKCP registered psychotherapist, Certified Deep Coaching Professional and a writer. She is passionate about supporting people to grow and flourish. Kate brings warmth, gentle humour, a wealth of experience and open heartedness to her work. Read more

“Kate is a brilliant coach and wonderful person. She is warm and authentic and has wonderful insight!”